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Vicki Wallis

School of Human Sciences M309
The University of Western Australia
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The School of Human Sciences is licensed to practise anatomy and to accept body donations from members of the Western Australian community.

These bodies are used for anatomical teaching, medical and scientific research and specialist training.

The generous bequests made by our donors enable enhancement of anatomical study for:

  • medical students
  • dental students
  • science students
  • physiotherapy and nursing students
  • postgraduate surgical trainees
  • research scientists.

This in turn, benefits the whole society by training:

  • doctors and dentists
  • scientists
  • medical specialists (pathology, surgery, orthopaedics, urology and the like)
  • para-medical specialists (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nursing).

The generosity of donor bequests is acknowledged by the University community at a Memorial Service held every three years, and through Memorial Gardens.

An act of recognition and gratitude

In addition to the Memorial Service, an Act of Recognition and Gratitude is read out by a representative of each student group on behalf of the class at the start of each semester:

As students of human anatomy in the health sciences, we wish to acknowledge formally in this Act of Recognition, our gratitude for the gifts of human bodies and our respect for those people who have generously bequeathed their mortal remains so that we may study and understand.

We also recognise that there is something special about this material, that each of these bodies represents the tangible remains of a person with a living history of growth from childhood, of a rich and varied life story, of health and illness, of joy and sadness, of human relationships, of intellectual and spiritual achievement.

Having so acknowledged, we now pause for one minute in a small act of respect for this material gift and also to offer (according to our beliefs) perhaps a prayer or a reflection of these truths. These may be linked with consideration of how we will use this new knowledge in our future profession.

A message of thanks

Each gift makes a difference...

The Avant CENTER in Subiaco is part of the Ear Science Institute Australia, which is a not for profit research institute.Advanced Ear Surgery-Asia Pacific course participants

In April it held two surgical courses and was privileged to be able to use donated temporal bones for both courses.

The first course was for Japanese Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) consultants and was an Advanced Surgery Course.  Nine surgeons came to Perth from Japan and over three days were taught advanced techniques for ear surgery.  

The second course was for nine ENT registrars, both local from Perth and from South Australia and Victoria, they were taught temporal bone dissection.  

Faculty for both courses were local, national and international.
There is a direct link between surgeons and registrar’s being a part of these courses, using donated temporal bones and better surgical outcomes for hearing impaired people.  

It is not just the surgical outcomes that make a difference; it is quality of life outcomes.
If people have trouble hearing, then they have difficulties communicating, and that negatively impacts their lives, and everyone around them.
These donated temporal bones will improve people’s quality of life, with their husbands, wife’s, children, grandchildren, social groups and colleagues.
It is a gift that cannot be measured.
Each and every one of the people involved in the course, from the surgeons, to faculty, participants and staff understand the value of the donated temporal bones and the long term, ongoing benefits that they give. 

Thank you.

Sharon Safstrom
Manager, The Avant CENTER


Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology

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