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Yu Suk Choi

Dr Yu Suk Choi

Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology, School of

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School of Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology
The University of Western Australia (M309)
35 Stirling Highway
+61 8 6488 7513
+61 8 6488 1051
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PhD Melb.
Research Fellow at the University of Sydney, Cardiology / Kolling Institute - Jul 2013 - Jun 2015
Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Bioengineering (#2 USA) / Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine - Apr 2010 - Jun 2013
PhD at the University of Melbourne, Surgery / O'Brien Institute - Sep 2006 - Feb 2010
Key research
Stem cell mechanotransduction - differentiation, migration, and proliferation for stem cell therapy, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine
21 Journal publications and 6 book chapters

21. Hadden WJ and Choi YS. The extracellular microscape governs mesenchymal stem cell fate. Journal of Biological Engineering 2016;10:16

20. Shin YC, Lee JH, Kim MJ, Hong SW, Kim B, Hyun JK, Choi YS, Park JC, Han DW. Stimulating effect of graphene oxide on myogenesis of C2C12 myoblasts on RGD peptide-decorated PLGA nanofiber matrices. Journal of Biological Engineering 2015;9:22

19. Jun ID, Lee YB, Choi  YS, Engler AJ, Park HS and Shin HS. Transfer stamping of human mesenchymal stem cell patches using thermally expandable hydrogels with tunable cell-adhesive properties. Biomaterials 2015;54:44-54

18. Wen JH, Vincent LG, Fuhrmann A, Choi YS, Hribar K, Taylor-Weiner H, Chen S, Engler AJ. Interplay of Matrix Stiffness and Protein Tethering in Mechanically Based Differentiation. Nature Materials 2014 Oct;13(10):979-87
* Featured in Nature Materials by Kumar S ‘Cellular Mechanotransduction: Stiffness Does Matter’ 2014 Sep 22;13(10):918-20

17. Hribar KC, Choi YS, Ondeck M, Engler AJ, Chen S. Digital plasmonic patterning for localized tuning of hydrogel stiffness. Advanced Functional Materials. 2014;24(31):4922-4926

16. Rao N, Grover GN, Vincent LG, Evans SC, Choi YS, Spencer K, Hu E, Engler AJ, Christman KL. A co-culture device with a tunable stiffness to understand combinatorial cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions. Integrative Biology. 2013;5(11):1344-54

15. Young DA, Choi YS, Engler AJ, Christman KL. Stimulation of adipogenesis of adult adipose-derived stem cells using substrates that mimic the stiffness of adipose tissue. Biomaterials. 2013;34(34):8581-8

14. Holle AW, Tang X, Vijayraghavan D, Vincent LG, Fuhrmann A, Choi YS, Del Alamo JC, and Engler AJ. In Situ Mechanotransduction via Vinculin Regulates Stem Cell Differentiation. Stem Cells. 2013;31(11):2467-77

13. Matsuda K, Falkenberg K, Woods A, Choi YS, Dusting GJ, Morrison WA, Dilley RJ. Adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells promote angiogenesis and tissue formation for in vivo tissue engineering. Tissue Eng Part A. 2013;19(11-12):1327-35.

12. Vincent LG, Choi YS, Alonso-Latorre B, Del Álamo JC, Engler AJ. Mesenchymal Stem Cell Durotaxis Depends on Substrate Stiffness Gradient Strength. Biotechnology J. 2013;8(4):472-84.

11. Choi YS, Vincent LG, Lee AR, Kretchmer K, Chirasatitsin S, Dobke MK, Engler AJ. The alignment and fusion assembly of adipose-derived stem cells on mechanically patterned matrices. Biomaterials. 2012;33(29):6943-51.
* Featured in Nature Methods Vol.10 No.2 Feb 2013 111-115. “Where stem cells call home”

10. Tee R, Morrison WA, Dusting GJ, Liu GS, Choi YS, Hsiao S, Dilley RJ. Transplantation of engineered cardiac muscle flaps in syngeneic rats. Tissue Eng Part A. 2012;18(19-20):1992-9.

9. Kim M, Kim CW, Choi YS, Kim MH, Park CJ, Suh Y. Age-related alterations in mesenchymal stem cells related to shift in differentiation from osteogenic to adipogenic potential: Implication to age-associated bone diseases and defects. Mech Ageing Dev. 2012;133(5):215-25.

8. Choi YS, Vincent LG, Lee A, Dobke MK, Engler AJ. Mechanical derivation of functional myotubes from adipose-derived stem cells. Biomaterials. 2012;33(8):2482-91.
*Media exposure: “Need muscle for a tough spot? Turn to fat stem cells”
ScienceDaily, Jan 2012

7. Choi YS, Dusting GJ, Stubbs S, Arunothayaraj S, Han XL, Collas P, Morrison WA, Dilley RJ. Differentiation of human adipose-derived stem cells into beating cardiomyocytes. J Cell Mol Med. 2010;14(4):878-89.
* Media exposure: The Age newspaper 1st page on Oct 19, 2008 (Australia)
“World first as scientists turn fat into heart cells”

6. Choi YS, Matsuda K, Dusting GJ, Morrison WA, Dilley RJ. Engineering cardiac tissue in vivo from human adipose-derived stem cells. Biomaterials. 2010;31(8):2236-42.
* Media exposure: The age newspaper on Jul 8, 2007 (Australia)
“Fat chance to heal a broken heart? Is now” (Supervisor: Prof. Dusting GJ)

5. Choi YS, Park SN, Suh H. The effect of PLGA sphere diameter on rabbit mesenchymal stem cells in adipose tissue engineering. J Mater Sci Mater Med. 2008;19(5):2165-71.

4. Park SN, Jang HJ, Choi YS, Cha JM, Son SY, Han SH, Goo HC, Kim JH, Lee WJ, Suh H. Preparation and characterization of biodegradable anti-adhesive membrane for peritoneal wound Healing. J Mater Sci Mater Med. 2007;18(3):475-82.

3. Kim M, Choi YS, Yang SH, Hong HN, Cho SW, Cha SM, Pak JH, Kim CW, Kwon SW, Park CJ. Muscle regeneration by adipose tissue-derived adult stem cells attached to injectable PLGA spheres. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2006;22:348(2):386-392. (co-first author)

2. Choi YS, Cha SM, Lee YY, Kwon SW, Park CJ, Kim M. Adipogenic differentiation of adipose tissue derived adult stem cells in nude mouse. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2006:30;345(2):631-7.

1. Choi YS, Park SN, Suh H. Adipose tissue engineering using mesenchymal stem cells attached to injectable PLGA spheres. Biomaterials. 2005;26(29):5855-63.
Funding received
9. UWA Research Collaboration Awards 2017 – Developing a 3D Mimic of the Brain – (UWA: Swaminatha-Iyer K, Fitzgerals M, Choi YS, Smith N; UNSW: Evans C, Thordarson P, Martin A; University of Cape Town: Franz T, Davies N / 2017 AU$ 28,000)

8. UHU collaborative Research Network Seed Funding Award – TIPS for generating layered and porous silk membranes suitable for eardrum repair (CIs: Dilley RJ, Day R, Choi YS / Nov 2015 AU$20,000)

7. NHMRC Equipment Grant (UWA) – Philips Premium Portable CX50 Ultrasound System (CIs: Noble P, Pillow J, Gill A, Laing N, Nowak K, McLaughlin R, Kennedy B, Hodgetts S, Pinniger G, Choi YS, Wang K / 2016 AU$ 47,500)

6. NHMRC Project Grant 1098449 - Using mechanotransduction to regulate stem cell fate in heart tissue - YS Choi, AJ Engler, and XL Guan (2016-2018)

5. Atomic Force Microscope – Mill House Foundation for Equipment Grant 2014 (CI: Dr. Choi YS / May 2014 AU$ 132,000)

4. Cardiac differentiation of stem cells by mechanotransduction – Sydney Medical School Early Career Researcher Grant 2014 (CI: Dr. Choi YS / Feb 2014 AU$ 24,766.9)

3. Live cell imaging system - Norma Louise Cordell Blue Equipment Grant (Australia) (CI: Dr. Choi YS / Feb 2014 AU$93,357)

2. ECM stiffness driven cardiac induction of stem cells – Heart Research Australia (Australia) 2014-07 (CI: Dr. Choi YS / Jan 2014 – Dec 2016 AU$147,706.80)

1. Mechanically programmed adipose-derived stem cells to treat muscular dystrophy – Muscular Dystrophy Association (USA) 241665. (PI: Prof. Engler AJ, Co-investigator: Dr. Choi YS / Oct 2012 – Jul 2015 US$390,000)
Honours and awards
2016 Bob Fraser New Investigator Award - Matrix Biology Society of Australia and New Zealand

Unit Coordinator
ANHB3323 Cells, Tissues, and Development
ANHB3320 Human Biology: Applications and Investigations

SCIE1106 Molecular Biology of the Cell
ANHB2217 Human Neurobiology
PHYL2002 Physiology of the Cell
PHYL3001 Physiology of Membranes, Muscles and Signalling
PHYL3004 Physiology of Integrated Organ Function

Guest lecture / USyd Biomed Eng - Tissue Engineering
Guest lecture / USyd Biomed Eng - Biomechanics
Lecture / UCSD - BENG087 freshman seminar
Lab module / UCSD - BENG277 tissue eng lab module
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Current projects
1. Developing stiffness gradient hydrogel to study stem cell fate controlling
2. Stretch bioreactor for lung regeneration using adipose stem cells
3. Stem cell mechanotransduction in osteochondral tissue engineering
4. Using Mechanotransduction to Regulate Stem Cell Fate in Heart Tissue