Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology

Research facilities and groups

The Department provides core facilities for staff and student research. Dedicated tissue culture, RNA, Protein and Radiation suites are just some of the key areas that are supported and managed by the School.

Members of the academic staff have access to dedicated and or shared research laboratory space.


Additional information about some of the Department's research facilities and groups

Auditory Laboratory
Auditory Lab icon
The Auditory Laboratory specialises in original research into the physiology of hearing, including deafness, tinnitus and forms of auditory plasticity. It is one of Australia's leading research institutions in auditory physiology, and has established a worldwide reputation for excellence in teaching and research.
Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory
Cell and Molecular Biology Research
The Department's Cell and Molecular Biology laboratory provides support to researchers. Services include training in the use of specialised equipment, research techniques and assistance with pilot and ongoing and research projects.
CELLCentral is Australia’s first integrated histology and biological imaging lab. CELLCentral provides facilities and other related services for universities, emerging biotech communities and industry requiring teaching expertise, cutting-edge multimedia, graphics, image acquisition and analysis.
Centre for Sleep Science
Sleep researcher with sleep science patient
The Centre for Sleep Science addresses the causes of poor sleep. The centre boasts three bedrooms equipped with state-of-the-art sleep recording and analysis equipment. It also contains consulting rooms, a range of training and seminar rooms, and quality offices for staff and students.
The International Research Collaborative - Oral Health and Equity
The International Research Collaborative - Oral Health and Equity is a multinational collaborative focused on developing innovative solutions in oral health education, research and service to address the global challenges associated with social inequities.  The primary focus of the International Research Collaborative is to undertake cutting-edge research and develop strategies to address the significant unmet needs of marginalised communities..
Tissue Engineering Research Centre
The Centre is a collaborative strategy to promote research across a wide range of disciplines involved in tissue repair, tissue bioengineering, advanced surgical skills, related technologies and commercial companies, art and ethics.

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