Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology


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Related services or equipment bookings enquiries please contact:
Mary Lee
Phone: (+61 8) 6488 3889

Imaging or analysis

Related services or equipment booking enquiries please contact:
Guy Ben-Ary
Phone: (+61 8) 6488 8649

We offer state-of-the-art histology, biological preparation, imaging and analysis equipment and services.

We can assist you with every stage of the research process, from cell and tissue processing and preparation, right through to the analysis of results and/or production of images for presentation and web publication.


A list of standard charges is set out below; however, we would appreciate you contacting us to discuss these or any more specific requests you may have.

Histology services

Initial Consultation regarding project planning – $150

Tissue Processing:

  • Wax – $3 per block
  • Resin – Price on request.
  • Embedding by Staff:
  • Wax – $2 per block
  • Resin – price on request.


Microtome Induction Courses:

  • Cryostat- $240
  • Wax- $160
  • Ultra microtome – $240


Staining Induction – H&E $40. Other stains, price on request.

Facilities Usage: Including use of cryostat, wax or ultra microtomes, staining and embedding stations – $25 per hour.

Microtomy by staff (cryostat, wax, ultra microtome) – $80 per hour.

Staining by staff – $80 per hour.

Large Section Cutting – $80 per hour.

Safety Induction – $20.

Imaging and analysis

  • Initial consultation regarding project planning – $50.
  • Use of equipment. UWA community – $25 per hour. External users – $60 per hour.
  • Live Cell Imaging session – a base price of $100. You might have to pay extra for a long session or special requirements. Training can be provided in all the above services or alternatively we can provide costing for the work to be done by CELLCentral staff.