Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology


CELLCentral offers a range services: histology, biological sample preparation, biological imaging, data analysis, use of equipment, web development and graphic design services.


CELLCentral's histology laboratories have built on more than 40 years of experience to provide state-of-the-art university teaching and research histology services.

Included in the range of services available are all light and electron microscopy processing, cutting and staining as well as cryostat sectioning. Specialist histological expertise is available in areas such as large section cutting, including bone and the provision of human tissue sections.

Included in the range of services available are:

  • biological material acquisition and preparation
  • LM, SEM and TEM processing of cells and tissues to wax or resin
  • microtomy
  • staining, including special stains for detection of various cellular components
  • cryostat sectioning
  • bone processing including decalcification with X-ray testing for completion
  • extra large sample preparation – wax or LVN
  • access to human tissue
  • specialist histological expertise is available in areas such as large and thick sectioning, including bone sectioning and the provision of human tissue sections.

Histology slides are produced to order and our equipment is available for your use, with training available in all histological techniques.

Biological imaging

CELLCentral is one of the leading imaging facilities in WA.

Technically, we are set up to acquire high-resolution images and video clips from microscopes, EM photographs, 35 mm slides or any other media. We can input all graphic files formats and are set up to reconstruct images from confocal sections.

We have cutting-edge inverted and upright microscopes that support Hoffman, phase, Naomarski and fluorescent microscopy.

We have available a wide range of conventional, digital and low-light cameras and Scanners to acquire images. A digitising suit and live-cell imaging stations allow grabbing and editing time-lapse movies of living cultures or any other kind of video production.

Our instrumentation and abilities include:

  • inverted and upright light microscopes
  • fluorescent microscopy, variety of filter cubes
  • state-of-the-art live-cell imaging suite
  • digital photography – high-resolution bright and low-light cameras and scanners
  • extreme low-light work
  • optics including phase, Nomarski, Hoffman, bright field, dark field and reflective microscopy.

Data analysis

CELLCentral image analysis expertise allows us to customise solutions for your analysis problems, and provide in-house expertise or the use of the various image analysis packages to help you meet your analysis needs.

Our microscope station interfaces with powerful computers using packages such as Image Pro Plus, Metamorph and NIH image, and our motorised stage makes it easy to count and measure cells. Video analysis is also achievable, as is 3D reconstruction.

We can either do your work for you, or get you started and train you to analyse your results.

Presentation and web services

CELLCentral provides a wide range of desktop publishing services, mostly in the biomedical fields, such as scientific posters, presentations, websites and brochures.

We have the expertise to provide quality design and layout, and are well acquainted with techniques that integrate images with text to enhance clarity of information. By combining our abilities in the area of graphic design with the latest programming technologies, we are able to produce cutting-edge websites that are effective as well as extremely efficient.

Each solution that we supply is treated individually and we always try to produce a graphically strong site as well as fast access times. Our solutions cover the planning and design, concept of interfaces, database connectivity, digital photography and the development of internet applications.

CELLCentral maintains a huge database of medical and biological images. We can supply you with beautiful images and, if you wish, even turn them into a work of art.