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Tissue Engineering Research Centre

The Tissue Engineering Research Centre (TERC) is a collaborative strategy to promote research across a wide range of disciplines involved in tissue repair, tissue bioengineering, advanced surgical skills, related technologies and commercial companies, art and ethics.

Tissue engineering is a topic of great public interest that is generating much publicity world wide especially with respect to tissue transplantation (for example, topics such as the 'ear on the mouse story', 'artificial organs' and 'stem cells). It embraces innovative technologies that can revolutionise modern medicine and society.

It is based in the School and was established in April 1999. TERC brings together research and other groups in Western Australia and facilitates international collaborations with individuals and centres by organising local meetings, workshops and overseas visitors. TERC also encourages wide community debate on these vital matters relating to changing technologies.

The aim is to facilitate interaction between diverse groups working on research related to Tissue Engineering in Perth, and also with interstate and international groups. This centre provides a forum for presenting new data (on a confidential basis), facilitates the sharing of techniques and facilities in WA, and represents a focal point for bringing together the latest information from many sources and stimulates new collaborations.

The structure is simple. There is a co-ordinator from one of the key areas, perhaps on a rotational basis. For each workshop there is an organising committee made up of representatives from each of the key areas.


Most of the researchers have significant international collaborations and their research activities embrace various areas. This list only indicates a sample of researchers (and artists) working in tissue engineering related activities. TERC aims to enhance interactions between these groups and catalyse many new collaborations.