Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology


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Seminars are held in the Anatomy building north seminar room (1.81)  or the John Bloomfield Lecture Theatre (JBLT) in the Sports Science building @ 1pm on Tuesdays unless advised

Coin operated visitor parking is available between Hackett Entrances 1 and 2 and Parkway Entrance 4.

City of Subiaco controlled riverside parking is also available.

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The School's seminar program presenters are a mix of interesting people from outside the School, combined with academics and postdocs as well as PhD students from within the School of Human Sciences.

2018 First Semester Seminars

15 January   

Des Richardson
Chair of Cancer Cell Biology
NHMRC Senior Principal Research Fellow
The University of Sydney
Cardiodegeneration and the paradoxical response of the antioxidant response protein 

20 February (JBLT)

Keith George
Liverpool John Moores University, UK
From JUNK to JELLYFISH: My career cardiovascular physiology career in images
Maria Hopman
Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Exercise and health; from spinal cord injury, to sendentarism and physical activity

27 February (Rm 1.81 Anatomy building)
Amanda Salis, NHMRC Senior Research Fellow
The Boden Institute of Obesity, Nutrition, Exercise & Eating Disorders, The University of Sydney
Losing excess body weight or fat without losing strength or lean tissues

20 March  (JBLT)
Valerie Verhasselt
Professor, Chair in Human Lactology
School of Molecular Sciences, UWA

Does breastfeeding contribute to post-natal immune development and long term susceptibility to allergy?

27 March (Rm 1.81 Anatomy building)

Amanda Meyer
School of Human Sciences, UWA

Social media in academia

3 April (JBLT)

Dietmar Hutmacher
Distinguished Professor, Chair in Regenerative Medicine
Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, Queensland University of Technology
Bioporintonomics - Can we in fact print tissue and organs or did we neglect genuinely that biology matters.

24 April (JBLT)

Andrew Timming
Associate Professor of Human Resource Management
UWA Business School

Analyzing the effect of variations in skin tone on Caucasian job applicants’ perceived employability: the evolutionary psychology of employee selection

26 April (Rm 1.81 Anatomy Building)

Michael Wilson
Associate Professor of Anthropology and Ecology, Evolution and Behavior
Department of Anthropology, University of Minnesota

Chimpanzees, warfare, and the invention of peace

1 May (JLBT)

EPIC (Exercise Physiology Interest Club)

Olivier Girard
School of Psychology and Exercise Science
Murdoch University, Perth

Up Down Up...Revisiting the Science of Altitude Training for Team Sports 

22 May (JBLT)

Melanie Mirville
School of Human Sciences, UWA
The causes and consequences of intergroup interactions in mountain gorillas (Rites of Passage)

29 May (Rm 1.81 Anatomy building)

Ruliang Pan
Northwest University, Xi’an, China
China’s devastated ecosystem and its impacts on biodiversity and wellbeing