Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology


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Seminars are held in the Anatomy building north seminar room (1.81) @ 1pm on Tuesdays unless advised

Coin operated visitor parking is available between Hackett Entrances 1 and 2.

City of Subiaco controlled riverside parking is also available.

Enquiries: 6488 3313







The School's seminar program presenters are a mix of interesting people from outside the School, combined with academics and postdocs as well as PhD students from within the School of Human Sciences.

2017 Second Semester Seminars

15 August   

Vidya Krishnan
School of Human Sciences, UWA
Role of nervous system in sarcopenia: Age related molecular and morphological changes in murine peripheral nerves and spinal cords, and analysis of the effects of resistance exercise on old sciatic nerves [Rites of Passage]

22 August   

Stuart Bunt
School of Human Sciences, UWA
What is the role of unions in the 21st century university?

5 September

Silvana Gaudieri
School of Human Sciences, UWA
Viral adaptation to host immune responses: a story about evolution, frequent flyer points and country music

12 September - postponed until further notice
Michael Rosenberg, Leanne Lester, Clover Maitland, Renee Teal
School of Human Sciences, UWA
A biostatistical approach to crochet and other research by the Health Promotion Evaluation Unit

26 September   

Marc Tennant
School of Human Sciences, UWA
Whoops: Aussie kids' dental decay reported as 'somewhat inflated'. Ethical Dilemmas in Money, Research and Policy

17 October   

Kimberley Wang
School of Human Sciences, UWA
The early life origins of cardiorespiratory disease

24 October- postponed until further notice

Leigh Simmons
School of Biological Sciences, UWA
Sexual selection before and after mating

24 October

Sarah Lovett
School of Human Sciences, UWA
Assessing APP96-110 as a novel neuroprotective agent against traumatic spinal cord injury