Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology

Teaching and learning

The School’s undergraduate teaching effort is largely directed to majors and units in the BSc. Many units, especially in Human Biology and Biological Anthropology, are very popular as broadening units. We have postgraduate coursework degrees in Audiology, Sleep Science, Biological Arts, Anatomical Science and Human Biology. The School also makes substantial contributions to postgraduate teaching in Medicine, Dentistry and Podiatry.

Student surveys such as UWA SPOT tests and the Graduate Careers Council of Australia CEQ consistently reveal excellent, above average outcomes from our teaching efforts.

At the centre of our teaching philosophy is the belief that it is our task to facilitate the metamorphosis of batches of secondary school students into collections of individuals who have found their own motivations for lifelong engagement with the academic process, acquired the skills to do this effectively, the perspective to plan for their application to a life's work, and an outlook which sees Human Biology in their social interactions.

We want our students to leave us as independent individuals feeling good about entering the world and about Human Biology.

To these ends we see it as important to incorporate generic skills learning at all levels of our course. In first year this takes the form of collaborations with the Student Support Service to present strategies for effective university learning (making use of time, note-taking in lectures, using textbooks and the library, writing scientific essays, preparing for examinations, dealing with multiple choice tests) within the context of our units.